Advanced Search Through Bookmarks

Searching through your bookmarks has become much easier since Tidy Favorites appeared. The program has been integrated with a high-performance, full-featured search engine. It has turned a search bookmarks process into the most innovative ever.


What makes Tidy Favorites' search engine so advanced:

1. Any-Browser Compatibility

  • Since Tidy Favorites is compatible with all major web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Google Chrome, it allows searching bookmarks in any of them.


2. No-Tags Search

  • All traditional search engines perform searching by tags. It means when saving a new bookmark, you have to fill in an additional area with Tags. Tidy Favorites saves you from this step, as it fulfills searching through the whole webpage content. Find the bookmark you need by any word on the page.


3. Intelligent Search

  • As all major web search engines, Tidy favorites' one uses a morphological analysis function which searches through bookmarks intelligently. It searches not only by the typed word or phrase, but recognizes features of the language and returns linguistically similar terms such as plural/singular and conjugated forms.


search bookmarks with Tidy Favorites

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